The ubiquity of WeChat

We have been tracking how important WeChat is in China as an online channel for corporates – anecdotally, my colleague David Bowen heard from one big B2B multinational how in China WeChat, with 570m daily users, far surpasses the web as a platform for customer engagement.

This piece in TechCrunch demonstrates just how ubiquitous it is, covering dating to banking to taxi-hailing and everything in between. Two potential corporate applications in the article jumped out at me – brands using the platform to do customer service, and the so-called ‘small job’ service. We’ve seen that different social media channels are cropping up in different places around the world to handle customer service - sometimes its a big brand like Facebook, other times it is a local equivalent. This is an important trend to watch for central digital teams keeping on top of local trends. WeChat also seems like the perfect channel for a ‘big job’ service too, establishing a corporate presence to advertise for graduates and professionals. Maybe some companies already are?

- Jason Sumner