BC Tip: Chevron's top biography

Chevron’s site has an unusual news-driven CEO biography

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The feature

The leadership section of Chevron.com has biographies of the directors and corporate officers. Most are standard text, but the CEO, Mike Wirth, gets more.

The text biography is standard - in fact rather less detailed than some of the others - but the page includes four downloadable photos. At the bottom an ‘In the news’ section has links to four interviews with Mr Wirth about a recent acquisition and other news - two from Bloomberg and two from CNBC. These open the media sites in new windows.

The takeaway

Executive biographies are part of the furniture of every site, but they are often poorly thought out. Chevron’s is unusual in working out what their job is. A key one is to provide media organizations with a selection of good photos, but even more important is to provide material that is both interesting and believable. Journalists have a healthy tendency to disbelieve anything a company says, but if the company directs them to a third party, they may as well as well follow the link - especially if it looks newsworthy.

They can then watch the videos to see what they think of the speaker, as well as his views on the news. Combining a news element with the biography also helps keep the page fresh. The contrast with the coverage other executives and directors get is however sharp - they should at least be given a set of photos.

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