BC Tip: Pfizer's one stop shop for journalists

Pfizer has a simple page pointing to a mass of useful information for the media

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The Feature

Pfizer’s news section landing page promotes a Frequently Requested Info link. This leads to a page that has many links to other pages, as well as one to email the press team.

Links point to the company fact sheet, executive team biographies, the corporate responsibility report, financial reports, company history, the product pipeline, and more. The depth of information varies. For example the pipeline page is a sophisticated interactive device, while the fact sheet is a brief introduction followed by links to product pages.

There is also a link to company and specialist press kits (on vaccines and oncology).

The Takeaway

Too often press sections do not give journalists what they need – sometimes, indeed, they do not seem to be aimed at them at all. Pfizer’s is admirable in providing a simple page that will help media professionals gather a good deal of background with the minimum effort. It was clearly created by someone who knew what they would want – quite possibly a former journalist.

Two minor criticisms. First, the fact sheet is not as informative as it should be – it does not include basics such as revenue or employee numbers. Second, it would be helpful to provide PDFs of the different pages, or to make them print-friendly in some other way. Journalists are almost by definition in a hurry, and value the ability to print things off to read on the way to their appointments.


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