Digital bla bla

I've just had an email from a PR person that starts "Even Her Majesty is jumping on the bandwagon and hiring a digital engagement specialist to 'consistently spark interest and reach a range of audiences' ... The Royal Family are keeping up with the times. But the real question is, are you?" There follows a list of people speaking at a 'digital engagement conference', with titles that include heads of digital development,  digital, digital & content, and digital & social media.

I have several questions about this:

  1. Is 'jumping on the bandwagon' a good thing?
  2. What is digital engagement?
  3. How does it fit with digital transformation (See my colleague Jason's post)
  4. How does it fit with existing online communications efforts (corporate websites and stuff)?
  5. How closely do these digital marketing heads work with digital communications heads?
  6. Is (or are) the royal family singular or plural?

My answers are:

  1. No, usually a very bad one. Do things because they make sense, not because everyone else is doing them.
  2. No idea
  3. No idea (see Jason's post)
  4. Probably doesn't (See Jason's post)
  5. Probably don't know they exist (I hope I'm wrong)
  6. Singular

David Bowen