Behind the scenes at the museum - showcasing digital

The website of the UK-based Victoria and Albert Museum has a blog, which gives a behind-the-scenes view of life at the organization. It covers a variety of topics, ranging from lesser-known collections, forthcoming exhibitions, events and educational initiatives to the work of the curators and other museum specialists… including, unusually, the digital media department.

Posts by the digital team (several different authors write about their specialisms) offer a fascinating view of how the department works. Two of the best I read were about how the team hit a tight deadline for a design project and advice for agencies on successful pitches.

The writing has an informal tone that makes it accessible to a general audience, but includes enough detail to interest fellow online professionals. The articles I looked at had a healthy number of comments and timely responses from the digital team.

Hearing from an internal department on an organizational blog is highly unusual. Even sites with features about working life in the ‘core business’ tend to gloss over the service teams such as digital, accounts or corporate comms.

The subject matter is often focused on design, and given the remit of the museum (‘…promoting the practice of design and increasing knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the designed world’) there is a clear logic to describing its internal processes in this way.

However, I think there is a good argument for other organizations, including corporates, to follow their lead. What better way to attract the best candidates, for example, than to provide an inspiring insight into life all parts of the organization, including digital? A blog is the best place to include the occasional less formal ‘peep behind the curtain’.

- Mali Perdeaux