Zombie home pages

Is the corporate website site dead? Is content marketing ailing? Is Twitter dying? The world of technology journalism likes to pose such questions, usually in click-baity headlines, every now and then. Invariably, the answer is "no".

A few years back, it was the turn of the home page. "Is the home page dead?" asked the Columbia Journalism Review in January 2013. "The home page is dead", Quartz helpfully answered in a May 2014 headline.

As we pointed out at the time, while it was true that news websites such as the New York Times were seeing a relative drop in the proportion of home page visits, because more people were arriving deeper in the site (via links to articles from Twitter and Facebook, for example), this was not the case for corporate websites.

And it's not the case now, either.

As this chart from Bowen Craggs' latest Google Analytics benchmarking survey (which covers some of the world's biggest companies) shows, the proportion of corporate website visitors arriving via the home page remained sky-high and rock-solid - indeed if anything it went up a bit - between 2014 and 2015. 

Bowen Craggs Google Analytics Benchmarking Survey 2016

So what about news sites' home pages? Are they still dead? I can happily report that they are now back to being alive. I know this because I read it just yesterday in the technology press. See for yourself here

- Scott Payton