Google nonplussed?

Google has finally said how it plans to inject new life into Google+, the social network that was supposed to rival Facebook but never quite lived up to expectations. You can read their corporate blog post about it here. Essentially, Google is taking what it sees as the network’s strengths, ‘Communities’ and something called ‘Collections’ and moving them front and centre (and of course, in keeping with the times, making the whole interface more mobile friendly).

We’ll have to wait and see what the corporate web makes of this. Many companies already have pages on Google+, which we suspect was more a defensive move to see if it ever took off eventually. The new focus on communities could end up having less use for corporates, especially if the numbers signing up stay small. Big multinationals have struggled to make ‘communities’ work, not for a lack of trying, and so Google+ may have more use better-known consumer brands, which have had a lot of success on Facebook, for example.

-Jason Sumner